How to Choose a Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster

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When you’re out on the road, you are aware of the fact that your cell phone will not always maintain a strong signal. Truck, SUV, RV, and car signal boosters can strengthen your cell signal no matter where you are.

To find the right booster for your vehicle, make sure to keep these items in mind.

Number of Users

How many people will have to use your vehicle’s cell phone signal booster? weBoost offers both single-user and multi-user booster options for vehicles of all sizes. If you need to boost signal for one device, you will most likely need a single-user system. But if you need to boost signal for multiple people, a multi-user booster is your best bet.

Installation Process

The installation process for weBoost’s vehicle signal boosters is fairly simple. Both single-user and multi-user boosters come with exterior antennas, which must be attached to the outside of the vehicle to connect to nearby cell towers. Overall, the process will take about 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the size of your vehicle.

Reading the Strength of Your Cell Signal

When you’re driving, the strength of your signal goes in and out depending on where you are. If you notice your cell signal goes out during specific points in your commute, try doing a speed test in those areas to understand your current signal strength. Download a free speed test app such as SpeedTest or OpenSignal to test your signal.

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