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473021 – We Boost Drive X Fleet




  • Reaches far away cell towers
  • Boosts multiple users/devices
  • For fleet/govt./first-responders
  • Improves vehicle tracking ability

Drive X Fleet is our standard multi-user in-vehicle cell signal booster for fleet use. It’s specially designed for law enforcement, first-responder, government, and commercial vehicles.


With its high-performance NMO antenna,* Drive X Fleet keeps drivers and their crews in contact with dispatch and fleet managers; while also improving cellular connectivity inside the vehicle.


Drive X Fleet works on all US carrier networks and is compatible with all phones and cellular devices as it simultaneously supports multiple users.

*NMO antenna requires professional installation.

5G Compatible – weBoost is committed to the 5G movement, ensuring all our products work with 5G and support the latest in 5G technology.

In the Box

  • 473021 Drive X Fleet Booster

  • 314405 NMO Antenna

  • 314401 Slim Low-Profile Antenna

  • 851111 2V Hardwire Power Supply

  • 6’ RG58 Extension Cable

  • Hole-drilling Protective Tape

  • O-ring Sealant

  • 901150 3/4 inch NMO Mount w/ 14 ft. cable



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