Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Homes

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Your complete solution to fix bad cell signal for good – the weBoost Installed | Home Complete.

Once installed, you can leave dropped calls and poor cell signals behind you. Enjoy the peace of mind of always being connected, when it matters most, wherever you call home.

Improve Your Home’s Cell Phone Signal

How can I boost my cell phone signal at home? It’s a question a lot of people are asking these days, and weBoost has the solution. Cell signal boosters improve cellular coverage in your home.

Home Cell Phone Signal Booster FAQs

What is a home cell phone booster and how does it work?

A cell phone booster for your home improves cellular connectivity. It helps you stay connected even in areas where the signal is otherwise weak or obstructed. A booster collects and amplifies the signal from outside cell towers and broadcasts the enhanced cell phone signal for use by your mobile phone and cellular-connected devices. This technology includes three components:

1)   The outside antenna, typically mounted on the roof of your home, pulls signal from nearby cell towers inside to the booster.
2)   The booster receives and amplifies the signal, and then sends the boosted signal to an inside antenna.
3)   The inside antenna broadcasts the amplified signal for use by your smartphone and other cellular-enabled devices.

Why do I need a cell phone booster for my home?

If you have a dedicated home office, there are several reasons that you will need the best home cell phone signal booster you can find. Working from home has its advantages, but it also has its potential drawbacks. How many times have you been on a crucial phone conference, only to have your signal break up during a critically important point in your meeting? How many times do you ask another person to repeat what was just said before you start feeling self-conscious?

With everyone else at home working and going to school, you could face challenges with your connection. Our Home Studio cell phone booster improves coverage in one room, which is perfect for most home office setups. For improved cellular coverage in a larger area, our Home MultiRoom mobile signal repeater for your home can help all of your home’s residents remain connected with a strong signal within 2-3 rooms.

Why do I have a bad signal at home?

When you’re at home, your cell phone signal should be crystal clear. But building materials, obstruction from trees or buildings, being in a rural area and even geography can block your mobile service. weBoost’s cell phone signal boosters for homes make sure you never have to go hunting for a signal again. Browse weBoost’s selection of home cell phone boosters to find the device that best meets your specific needs.

What is a cell phone booster for home?

A cellular signal booster for the home amplifies the signal from cell towers and distributes that boosted cell signal inside your home so you experience better cell service indoors. Each booster comes in a kit. The kit includes an outside cell phone antenna designed for homes, a booster unit, and an inside antenna. These three components are connected with the provided coax cables and together they give you the best signal possible.

What is the best cell phone booster for my home?

An important aspect of choosing a cell signal booster for your home is the size of your space. Do you need to boost the signal across your entire home or just one or two rooms? The larger your space, the more powerful your signal booster needs to be. The weBoost Installed | Home Complete is weBoost’s most powerful cell booster for home and offers entire home coverage so everyone can stay connected. Learn more about finding the right cell signal booster for your home here.

How do I install a cell signal booster for my home?

With the weBoost Installed | Home Complete, installation is done by a professional installer so you won’t have to worry about a DIY installation. Other weBoost cell phone boosters for home are self-installed and require a more involved installation like drilling a hole in the wall and placing the outdoor antenna on the roof or in the attic. Learn more about the installation here.

Will a weBoost cell phone booster for homework with 5G?

Yes. weBoost mobile signal boosters for home are 5G ready and will continue to amplify cell signal for all mobile phones and cellular devices in a 5G world.

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