478061 – We Boost Drive Reach Flex Fleet


  • Reaches the farthest cell towers
  • Boosts multiple users/devices
  • Optimizes tracking in remote areas
  • Includes flexible installation options

Powerfully boost cell signal with your preferred installation

TheáDrive Reach Flex Fleetácombines our most powerful, 5G-compatible booster with flexible installation options. The included hardwire and CLA power supplies make either permanent or plug-and-play installation easy. With a high-performance NMO antenna that can be mounted either using a magnet or adhesive disk, the Drive Reach Flex is ready to be equipped on any fleet vehicle, from pickups to utility trucks to electric cars.

Improve cell coverage on the road and at the worksite without permanently altering the vehicle.áThe Drive Reach Flex boosts every network, including 5G, for improved hotspot capability, better voice quality, and faster updates. Provide your team with improved cell signal for seamless tracking, reliable communication, and faster data speeds.

5G Compatibleá- weBoost is committed to the 5G movement, ensuring all our products support 5G technology.

In the Box

  • Drive Reach Booster & Mounting Bracket

  • NMO Antenna

  • In-Vehicle Antenna

  • CLA Power Supply

  • Adhesive Disk

  • O-Ring Sealant

  • SMA to SMB Adapter

  • Hardwire Power Supply


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