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311216 – We Boost Drive Magnetic Outside Antenna (SMA Male Connector)




Drive Magnetic Outside Antenna is an omni-directional, wideband antenna made for weBoost in-vehicle boosters. Notable for its high efficiency, compact, 3.4-inch design, it’s capable of receiving cell signal from towers at extended range.


With a strong magnetic base that includes 4 cable-exit points, the Drive Magnetic Outside Antenna installs quickly and allows for clean cable routing through a hatchback or side door.

This version of the Drive Magnetic Outside Antenna comes with an SMA connector; compatible with all Drive X and Drive 4G-X boosters. An SMB version made for Drive Reach is also available.


  • Shark-fin design complements vehicle aesthetics
  • Strong magnetic base for easy, secure placement
  • 4 cable-exit points to ensure better cable routing
  • Durable construction repels rain, snow, and heat
  • Compact 3.4 shark-fin design
  • Made for all-weather conditions
  • SMA connector to fit the Drive X
  • Best performance for its size
  • Equipped with 10’ length of low-loss antenna cable

How it works

  1. Outside antenna pulls in cell signal from the closest tower.
  2. Booster amplifies the signal received by outside antenna.
  3. Inside antenna distributes this new signal throughout vehicle.


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