311216 – We Boost Drive Magnetic Outside Antenna (SMA Male Connector)


Drive Magnetic Outside Antenna is an omni-directional, wideband antenna made for weBoost in-vehicle boosters. Notable for its high efficiency, compact, 3.4-inch design, it’s capable of receiving cell signal from towers at extended range.

With a strong magnetic base that includes 4 cable-exit points, the Drive Magnetic Outside Antenna installs quickly and allows for clean cable routing through a hatchback or side door.

This version of the Drive Magnetic Outside Antenna comes with an SMA connector; compatible with all Drive X and Drive 4G-X boosters. An SMB version made for Drive Reach is also available.


  • Shark-fin design complements vehicle aesthetics
  • Strong magnetic base for easy, secure placement
  • 4 cable-exit points to ensure better cable routing
  • Durable construction repels rain, snow, and heat
  • Compact 3.4 shark-fin design
  • Made for all-weather conditions
  • SMA connector to fit the Drive X
  • Best performance for its size
  • Equipped with 10 length of low-loss antenna cable

How it works

  • Outside antenna pulls in cell signal from the closest tower.
  • Booster amplifies the signal received by outside antenna.
  • Inside antenna distributes this new signal throughout vehicle.


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