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Cell Phone Booster throughout Los Angeles

Cellular Outlet has successfully helped homeowners throughout Beverly Hills, Malibu and the Pacific Palisades increase their cellphone signals. Not only do we carry cell phone signal booster equipment, we also provide efficient and reliable installation. We are experts in this industry and have never had issues with our installations. We offer cell phone repeaters, extenders and signal amplifiers from Wilson Electronics, WeBoost and WilsonPro.

We believe everyone should have perfect cell service. We take pride in simplifying another aspect of our client’s life. If you have experienced, or are experiencing, weak phone signal in your home or office, we can improve it immediately! We have the equipment and necessary knowledge to increase your mobile service in no time. Our powerful antennas will amplify the signal so you don’t have to deal with dropped or missed calls again. Our signal boosters will even speed up your data loading for faster downloads and web browsing.

cell phone signal booster equipment

How do cell phone signal boosters work?

Dropped calls and slow data is generally caused by the same three things: Far distance from cell towers, tall objects (buildings or trees) are in the way, or building materials are in your home/office. When we install a signal booster we make sure it is place in the correct spot. Each booster is able to amplify and transmit voice and data signals for vehicles and indoor spaces.

Cell phone signals are carried by radio frequency waves (think FM radio inside a car). Those signals are captured by the antenna and retransmitted to the specified indoor location. This trick will allow you to enjoy your mobile device without interruption caused by poor cell phone signal.

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