Signal Booster Installers

Network booster rental in Los Angeles

Cellular Outlet specializes in the installation of high-quality cell phone network boosters. We have sold and installed several signal boosters for both residential and commercial clients throughout Beverly Hills, Malibu and Pacific Palisades. Not only do we sell these premium products, but we also rent them to clients who have large social gatherings planned. Sometimes improving network signal is needed for just a short amount of time, such as one or two days. Instead of purchasing one, we offer a more cost-effective solution. We will install your signal booster as a rental, and then uninstall it once the rental period is over.

Signal booster rentals are ideal if you are hosting a large gathering of people who most likely have different cell phone carriers. It is possible your carrier is just fine, but why put your guests through the trouble of not having cell service at your event? Instead of worrying about the cell service being blocked or overloaded by all your guests, use one of our signal boosters!

We will come to you with our equipment, ready to properly install all the necessary components of the booster. We will install it for any occasion without a time limit! This means you can freely rent it for however long you need. Simply tell us in advance and we will schedule a day and time to uninstall it. Get in touch with us right away so we can begin the installation of your network booster rental!

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