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474021 – WeBoost Drive X OTR Fleet




Affordable fleet connectivity

weBoost Drive X OTR Fleet sets a new standard for multi-user, in-vehicle cell signal boosters; optimizing its performance in delivery vans, utility trucks, and all other fleet Vehicle Classes.


Paired with our top-performing OTR Truck edition antenna (with 3-way mount and hardware for various install options) it helps keep drivers in contact with dispatch and fleet managers whether traveling on city highways and interstates or rural routes in remote locations.


Drive X OTR Fleet works on all U.S. carriers to improve in-vehicle cellular connectivity and is compatible with all phones and cellular devices as it simultaneously supports multiple users.

5G Ready – weBoost boosters will work for the next decade and beyond.


  • Reaches cell towers up to 33% farther than the Drive Sleek OTR
  • Modular antenna, adjusts from 17’-45”
  • Compatible with CB-antenna mounts
  • Works with ELD, cellular telematics, etc.

In the BoxDocuments

  • Drive X Booster

  • 304415 17″ OTR Antenna Truck Edition

  • 314401 Slim Low-Profile Antenna

  • 851111 Hardwire Power Supply

  • (2) Mast Extensions

  • Coax Cable Side-Exit Adapter

  • Antenna Spring

  • Cable Adapter

  • Thread Lock Packets

Will this work for me?

A booster doesn’t create cell signal. It picks up the outside cell signal (no matter how weak) and amplifies it inside a vehicle for better talk, text, and data.

The improvement of any cell signal depends on how far away the booster is from the nearest cell tower. With this in mind, see how much Drive X OTR Fleet can improve cell-connected devices’ performance.

If the distance to the cell tower is: Your boosted cell signal will provide:
Short Better Talk/Text/Data
Medium Good Talk/Text/Data
Long Some Talk/Text/Data
Out of Range None



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